Flotation Therapy

Aurora Sensory Deprivation Tank

There have been medical breakthroughs for several years. Technology has definitely influenced the medical field, making use of innovations to cure and treat diseases and other known conditions.

But there are also aged medical procedures that are still of use today. They have been surpassed by technology but still continues to prove their worth. Some of them are even enhanced to increase the capability of curing.

Flotation Therapy, an epitome of an aged technique, enhanced by technology to continue making the lives of people better. But how does Flotation Therapy work? This is a question for people who are intrigued by this medical wonder. Well, get your minds ready and discover the world of Flotation Therapy.

Flotation Therapy Process

From the word itself, the therapy will be revolving around the word float or floating. The Flotation Therapy uses a float tank or in other name called as the sensory deprivation chamber. The tank, in general, is sound and light proof and filled with water.

But the water is not normal as an essential ingredient will be added in it, and that would be the Epsom salt. Overall, the water in the tank has a temperature equivalent to the body temperature, added with multiple pounds of Epsom salt.

Once the tank and water are prepared, you can now use it. The concept is you will be entering the tank and lie on your back while you relax and stay calm. It depends on you if you are going in nude or with any undergarments. But to experience the full effect, it is advisable to go nude.

The salt is added to the water to increase the buoyancy of the water, thus making you float more. Floating is the focal point of this therapy as it can help you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Effects of the Flotation Therapy

As you lie on your back, floating on the skin temperature water, your body and mind are relaxed. Inside the tank you are free from all the stress, noise, light, and even from the weight of gravity. It brings you into a world where calmness and tranquility are achieved.

When your body is afloat, the blood vessels from all over your body dilates, thus decreasing blood pressure and optimizing blood flow. Also, the brain releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that help to soothe pain and relieve stress.

Flotation Therapy is also known to improve the process or function of the lymphatic system. In the process, helping your body to expel harmful toxins, excess water, and other foreign materials in the body.

Through this, healing in a relaxed environment is possible. Flotation Therapy can be a great method to heal all your issues regardless of it being physical, mental, or emotional.

Bottom line

The Flotation Therapy has been widely used by other establishments such as clinics and even spa. This is a great method that offers several exceptional benefits to the body. Through this mind and body healing can be achieved.

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