How Big is a Float Pod?

Have you ever seen a float pod? Did you see it already in its actual sizes and designs? Maybe some of you have experienced it already, but how about those who are still keeping visualizing its real sizes.

Float pod has different sizes, forms, designs, and colors. No matter what their sizes are, the main objective of it is to give people a chance to de-tress from external simulations created outside of the world. The pod provides conformity for you, even your legs and arms are stretched out.

The interior measurement of the pod is approximately 7 feet in length and 4 feet in width. It just looked like a small car, but it is meant to be for only one person to enjoy its service. It contains Epsom salt water to help the user float easily and effortlessly. After a minute, you will be able to enjoy it and relax while you are floating.

It is used to help people who have health problems and ailments conditions. Now and then, their function is to give people a sense of relaxation and contentment upon the treatment. It has been proven and tested for its usefulness to stay the body and mind healthy.

What Brought to you by a Float Pod?

For at least 1-1.5 hours, you can now enjoy your floating experience in the float pod. You can gently relax, lie down and float effortlessly with the saltwater in a small dark pod. A new brand of treatment and techniques brought to you by a good healthy body and mind. It will help you to relieve your anxieties through this unique treatment.

Are you still imagining? Yes, this treatment is something that you cannot understand how it works unless you are there. People with experience said that it just looks like this a simple device like others. Imagine that you have a bathtub lying on it comfortably, but in this case, you will be lying for a more comfortable one.

The pod is filled with water with a high concentration of Epsom salt. The saltwater helps you to eliminate the bacteria and make the water denser that is why you will be able to float at ease. There are also lights inside that you can enjoy if you want to turn it on. If you don’t like you can switch it off, but it depends upon your taste and mood.

For the person who loves the music, you can allow turning your favorite music playlist. It has also given you a great opportunity to have a music background for a more relaxing experience and the unforgettable moments you have inside the pod.

Scientific Research

Many researchers have been found out that can help for sensory deprivation, which means that it can help people with this treatment to relieve your body pains. Although it seems like inside the pod can make others afraid, it used for improving and promoting mental and health well-being.

Making yourself alone sometimes is not very bad. It allows you to have a chance to be yourself only, free from any distractions as well as it gives you a world to understand yourself with some self-realization in life.

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