How to Use a Float Pod?

Floating is helpful in sustaining good health and arrive at a goal for a better state of mental and emotional well-being. It has been proven to make at ease of the people with ailments, health problems, injuries with authorized health care professionals.

Are you wondering now how to use the float pod appropriately? Let us take this moment as your first time doing this therapy. Maybe you are afraid but don’t know how to use it, and you don’t have to worry because there are many things to learn first before you do anything else.

Preparation for Float Pod Experience

Preparation before your floating experience is necessary for your enjoyment, and the unforgettable moment you have inside the pod. There are a few important things you should prepare for your floatation. For first-timers, this will be a very useful and helpful guide for your great experience as well.

  • Avoid taking caffeine. This may cause interruption for your moment of relaxation.
  • Little Food intake. You can eat light foods only to prevent interruption upon the treatment. Take note that taking too much intake will cause stomachache; eating light foods is necessary for your hunger inside the float pod.
  • Avoid shaving beforehand. Remember that the float pod contains saltwater. If you do shaving before your floating, your skin will suffer and get irritated.
  • Free to ask. Asking for your question if you are unsure what to do is also a good way to enjoy floating. Free to ask staff if you have any questions or notify them of the guidance and your safety.
  • Bring your needs. Your floating experience will be in a private room. Swimsuits are not necessary because the remaining important things you need to use inside the pod are already prepared for you.
  • After the float. Take a shower to cleanse the saltwater out for your body. This is the time where you go back to reality. There is also a stock of hairdryers and other product needs. We also provide for free of a green tea to settle the experience and refreshment.


Have the Best Float Pod Experience 

For proper management and use of a float pod, there are many things, suggestions, insights, and steps that you should take up to ensure your great experience inside. This will guide you for your safety and have the best ever experience in the float pod.

Here are a few or some useful tips that may give you the best floating experience.

  • Personalize your floating experience. Adjustable customized temperature to provide you conformity and relaxation experience
    • Play your Song Playlists. Play the music you love at your near end of your floating inside. It actually provides a magical and wonderful experience, especially for the first-timers.
    • Care your hair. Care for your hair with organic conditioner and shampoo to sustain your beautiful and strong hair.
    • Green tea awaits you. After floating, you will be given a green tea to relax and enjoy some time.
    • Experience Different Things.
    • Lots of Different Float Pod. You are freely allowed to choose whatever you want to use any floating rooms or pods presented. It will give you an opportunity to maximize its service.
    • Lots of Audio Preferable Sounds. Playing your favorite music playlists make you more feel relaxed and become stress-free.
    • Healthful Benefits gains
    • Stress-Free. Avoid things that may cause you stress. Everything you be left behind, your woks, or problems you have outside the pod. Relax and enjoy.
    • Healthy Mind and Body. After your float, the feeling of being relaxed and stress-free is being achieved. This helps you to get you healthy, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Floating for about 1 hour is great for you to feel relax and become stress-free. Its usefulness brought to us make our lives healthier. Experience with the feeling of getting relaxed and promoting healthy bodies and conditions through floating.

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