What Does A Float Pod Look Like?

A Float pod or sensory deprivation tank is a lightless, dark, obstruction for the passage of sound filled with a high amount of concentrated Epsom saltwater in which is heated to match the same temperature in the skin. It is just like a typical dipping pool.

It also is known for the best relaxing and drifting into the good state of whole-body condition. Through this, it allows the body to float effortlessly and easily, which can lead you to a deep sense of relaxation.

Brief History

In 1954, the float pod was developed by John C. Lilly, neuropsychiatrist, and medical practitioner who had become interested in human consciousness. At his first invention of the float pod, it involved wearing a diving mask to block out the light and sound filled with water completely.

Around the 1980s, it has been increasingly popular in some countries like in Europe and the USA. In the same year, many new types of research had been conducted studies to improve its design and improve its usefulness.

How big is it?

The float pod has different types of sizes, colors, designs, styles, and shapes. The pod and the room provide floatation conformity and experience to the users. It is perfectly designed for the ease floating with ten inches of highly concentrated Epsom salt water.

The interior measurement for the pod is approximately 7 feet in length and 4 feet in width. Unlike the rooms are much bigger, more open offers for the floating experience, which has a length of 8 feet long and 45 feet wide.

Epsom Salt with its good effects

Epsom Salt is a very popular medicine or treatment for ailments. Many people use it already for their health problems like stress, body pains, or aches. It is also very affordable and proven that it is not harmful or has any side effects if it is used appropriately.

Epsom salt was originally discovered in the town of Epson in Surrey, England. It contains magnesium sulfate, which has a chemical compound made up of magnesium, oxygen, and sulfur.

To try its usefulness, the Epsom salt can be dissolved through water, and it has been proven to help treat people with an illness. When it is dissolved already, it releases magnesium and sulfate, which can be absorbed by the skin. It is commonly used for bath and cosmetics.

Some health care professionals have been undergone studies to validate if the Epsom salt is useful or can treat people with ailments. They claimed that it is therapeutic and effectively used for alternatives for health problems or even for having severe health concerns.

Here are the following pieces of evidence for its effectiveness and usefulness with people who are struggling with severe health issues.

  • It provides magnesium. Magnesium has been proven for its benefits to the hearts and nervous system. It is also one of the important minerals needed by our body, which is also called for being the first calcium. Some researchers have been found out that it may be good for people to absorb it through Epsom salt baths compared by mouth.
  • Improves sleep and stress reduction. As mentioned above, magnesium is very necessary for our body in which it helps our body to become healthy. It also found out that it has good effects on improving sleep and has a chance to reduce stress. Epsom salt produces melatonin, which can help and promote good quality sleep.
  • It helps reduced body pains. It has been reported that Epsom salt helps people with ailments such as fibromyalgia and arthritis.

No matter how big or small it is, the most important thing is the experience that you have gained out of it. It’s healthful brings deep relaxation and a sense of contentment.

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