What is a Float Pod Session?

Imagine yourself as if you are outside of this world. Probably, you will come up with the answer of being weightless and will experience the absence of gravity.

Floatation has become popular in recent years. This treatment gives an incredible stress reliever and reduction experience. It is a dark, soundproof, environment which surely will make your body and mind relaxed.

It is complete relaxation for the mind, spirit, and body of 10 inches of normal water mixed with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt to create an exciting healthy experience. This will help you to easily and effortlessly floating for achieving your goal to relax and be comfortable.

For just 1 hour session is the time you will be able to enjoy and experience the good news and results awaits you.

Important Things you should know before float pod session

Treating yourself with this great opportunity and experience is a great decision. Aside from the relaxing experience, you will be able to enjoy and then achieve a healthy body. Before doing anything, you should have to remember the important thing you need to do before performing float pod session.

Is it your first time and doesn’t know how to do it? The following will be useful for you to be ready before the pod session

  • For the first-timers. You should have a 3 float pod session for at least 1 to 4 weeks for you to fully experience and completely enjoy the benefits of floating.
  • The day of Session. Upon entering the float pod session, you will be oriented by the staff for at least 5 minutes. You will be informed of what to do and the thing you don’t have to do. You will be given water to be well hydrated, and please free to ask if you have any inquiries for you to be well-guided.
  • Plan at least 1.5 hours session. 1 hour will be given for your float pod session, and the remaining time will be dedicated for your enjoyment of the green tea after floating.
  • Remove unnecessary things. It is recommended for you to remove all the unnecessary things which are not be used in the session like earring and pieces of jewelry.
  • Eat light foods. Eat a portion of food, which is only light before floating. You should eat light foods for you not to be hungry.
  • No open wound or shave beforehand. Since you will be entering the float pod session, it is recommended that you should not have any open wounds or shaving beforehand to prevent irritation.
  • For the single person only. It is allowed the only person to enter in each float pod. It is not meant for two.
  • Naked is the best. You don’t have to wear any suits upon performing for the floating for you to completely enjoy the moment and the great experience – that is to relax.
  • Let us know what is happening. It is important for notifying staff of what is happening for your safety and guidance.

Enjoy and try to experience how these floatation sessions will change your mood and promote a healthy lifestyle!

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