What Is A Float Pod Used For?

People want to make feel them relax and to feel free from stress or pains. The float pod or floatation tank has a good opportunity to offer for anyone, and that is to give people’s experience unforgettable.

Float pod has many other terms or names such as floatation tanks, sensory deprivation chamber, or restricted environment simulation tank, but no matter we call on it. It has an only primary function is to give a better service to our lives, to relax, to reduce stress, and to relieve pain.

Uses and Healthful Benefits

The tank or pod is designed and developed for giving a better service, which you can enjoy at the same time you can also experience how important our health with us. It allows you to experience and worthy of doing for breaking from the times of difficulties and stress.

The tank is filled with saltwater that helps to easily and effortlessly float on the pod without using any kind of special breathing equipment. The water is approximately 10 inches mixed with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt that will be used on the pod.

Before doing anything, there are the things you need to understand and follow to completely enjoy its service.

Here are the tips you should remember for you to enjoy its service.

  • Wash first your body before you enter the pod. Showering your body is necessary to remove the dirt and oil as well as to stay hydrated. It allows the magnesium or nutrients easily absorbed in your body.
  • Avoid caffeine. It will cause unsettled mind and unrelaxed
  • Don’t shave beforehand. Since it is salty, if you have shaved already chances are it may irritate and you will not enjoy the experience and moment you have.
  • Eat light foods. Before entering, it is necessary to eat some foods but not too much. Eating too many foods before your therapy may cause distractions.
  • When you are already inside the tanks or pod, gently lie on your back, let your body relax for floating. Control yourself from moving; let the moment dictates how safe you are in there and how to relax without thinking about any problems.

Remember the safety

Floatation tanks can be enjoyed by anyone who is mostly adults already 16 years of age and above and except also from those who have to experience certain severe health conditions.

The listed below are the following to remember by the users. So, we provide for your safety, its exceptions, conditions, and limitations for the service

  • Open wounds or ulcer
  • Low blood pressure
  • Heart conditions
  • Claustrophobia
  • Severe skin diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • asthma

Experience is a great weapon we have, but safety is much more important than that because if you want to enjoy that moment without thinking about your health, it may cause problems. You may suffer, especially your health. There is a quotation said that health is wealth so it must be first and more prioritized than anything else.

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