What is Float Pod Therapy?

Feel a completely new state of mind and a healthy body through float pod therapy. This therapy helps to enhance your mental and emotional well-being that can reduce aches and pains.

It has a unique concept with its effective ways of improving your body’s condition, which has a plenty of proven health benefits that can really help you to feel stress-free, healthy and achieve a good state of mindset and body.

Float pod therapy, otherwise known also as immersion therapy tanks, sensory deprivation, isolation baths, or restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) is a soundproof chamber and lightless tank that is filled with a foot or less amount of salt-water content.

It completely involves lying in a pod, which contains enough dissolved highly concentrated Epsom salt solution. It contains essential minerals, specifically 600kg of magnesium sulfate. It creates the buoyancy for your body to float more easily and effortlessly on the surface of the water without using any breathing techniques or equipment upon treatment.

History and Rising of Commercial Interest

The therapy was first used and developed by Dr. John C. Lilly in 1954, a neuropsychiatrist and medical practitioner interested in the effects of sensory deprivation on the brain. The main objective is to reduce and eliminate as many the external senses, which cause stress or even body pains and aches.

In 1981, there were more or less $4 million earned in sales and rental in the industry. By 2013, it became more popular in Europe and the USA, where there was much new research, and well-improved float had been created.

Health Benefits

Float pod therapy or floatation has been suggested for having a positive psychological impact and healthy body conditions. For the past decades, it has been tested to treat soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders. It also helped people with ailments and body pains have also been proven benefitted and helpful to recover from the experience.

Recently, the recreational use of float pod therapy has been grown in popularity due to its proven beneficial health solution as one of the stress reduction and pain reliever.

The saltwater helps heated to skin temperature 35.5C to achieve a natural and relaxing sensation, which eventually you will feel weightless and wonderful.

This kind of treatment brings more about a good sensation of deep body relaxation, a healthy mindset, and cognitive, which help obtain a sense of contentment. It ensures that your body will feel intense more calmness, maintain metabolic and chemical balance, and even some reported that it also helped for self-realization and personal discovery.

For just 1 hour of floating in a pod is approximately equivalent to getting 4 hours of a deep sleep, which a sense of relaxation is being achieved. Upon experiencing in a beautifully designed pod, it has both light and soundproof which helps your brain disconnect from the noise, any disturbances, or even external factors.

When you undergo the treatment, the feeling of deeply relaxed, vibrant, and good state body condition makes you feel contented and satisfied.

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