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Aurora Sensory Deprivation Tank

Float tanks are solely used to achieve deep relaxation and for a clear, focused state of mind. Once you are inside a float tank, you are basically floating even without the use of effort to float. You are a weightless vessel, and you are one with the water when you use float tanks. The water will carry you, and it will also provide you with the essentials you need for growth and optimistic development in your mind. Float tanks are used for its great benefits and ideal environment to release every heavy baggage of your body and soul. You can use float tanks after a long, tiring week, so start very refreshed in the week ahead. You can use float tanks when you are having trouble sleeping, as it helps to relieve you of your insomnia.

You can also use float tanks when you are pressured and stressed from your duties as a student, an employee, or a parent. You can also use float tanks to develop your focus with your mind in setting a goal for a competition in athletics. You can use float tanks to fight off the nagging depression and anxiety that greatly leads you off track of your goals. You can use float tanks to achieve a state of euphoria in your everyday living. You can even use float tanks if you are a woman and you are pregnant. Basically, you can use float tanks when you are in your good condition, or you feel an ailment on your mind and body. This is because of the Epsom salts present on the water solution, wherein it is composed mainly of Magnesium, an element that is vital for our nutrition and nerve cells. Epsom salts are found in Surrey, England, thus, the name “Epsom.”

It is basically not salt, its texture is just like table salt, and it is more valuable than the table salt. Epsom salts do not even taste like table salt, as they are very bitter and not good for ingestion, but some people believe in its therapeutic power and use it for drinking with potable water. Float tanks do not just use a 100 grams of measured Epsom salts to a pod-volume of water; it uses 1000 lbs. every 10 inches of the water. This is how float tanks can be very healthy and present genuine positivity in your mindset. Float tanks can even be a source of your creativity through your imagination. Float tanks are made of a system that does not let you feel any senses. This is for the reason of only focusing on your thoughts and how to redirect them to achieve your dreams. If you are that person who believes that every Sunday is the start to change the outcome of the week, float tanks are a great way to give to yourself once in a week to have that positivity set in mind. Float tanks are an emerging technology that encompasses your own beliefs of technology, not helping to better our lives. In the way of float tanks, technology and nature work as one to help us ease with our living and an overall benefit to our own wellness.

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