Are Float Tanks Claustrophobic?

Float tanks can trigger some claustrophobic tendencies, but it can also assure you that once you are inside the float tank, all your fears, including your claustrophobia, will eventually wear off. To discuss first, there are two types of claustrophobic circumstances that can affect people with this phobia at different levels. The first one is experiencing fear with restriction, and the second one is exhibiting fear when being suffocated. While some people have both symptoms, they can also distinguish the kind of fear that is bothering them and are able to remind themselves that float tanks are very safe, 100% tested, and it does not mean that you are trapped inside and no oxygen can reach you.

Despite all of these reassurances, claustrophobia can still happen through having panic and anxiety, even just by looking at it and realizing the position you are in when you float inside the float tanks. Claustrophobia means that you have a high level of fear for confined spaces, especially when the feeling of being suffocated and trapped enters your mind. Claustrophobia sometimes triggers a stimulus, but it does not mean that you can never enjoy the benefits of using a float tank. One question that you might ask when you are inside the float tank is, “can I not breathe in there because there is no oxygen?”

To answer your question, you can breathe inside the float tank. Inside a float tank, you are absolutely safe and fully in control of your surroundings. The float tank is a well-ventilated dimension that is safe and easy to get out of. The float tank’s door is easily opened when you push it from the inside, and it is not equipped with a latch that can lock you inside. You can also have the option of leaving the hood enclosed with a one to two-inch in measurement. Locks on float tanks do not exist, so there is no way to be “accidentally” locked inside. In addition, fresh oxygen can circulate inside and outside and vice versa of the float tank through the ventilation system to ensure that you are not suffocated inside. So, the fear of being restricted cannot happen inside, but as humans, we have irrational thinking, especially when fears are associated. In case you feeling comfortable inside the float tank, you can push the emergency button that will lead Float tank workers directly towards you and assist you in your needs.

You are fully in control with the adjustment of light from the button on your fingertips inside the float tank. In addition, the use of a float tank can help you overcome your fears. This is because of the total deprivation of senses that allows your brain, particularly the two hemispheres, to unite. This reaction would be the result of deep feelings of relaxation. You can totally reset your brain with the use of float through meditation, focus on breathing mantras, imagination, and redirection from the stimulus that causes your fears in an instant.

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