Are Float Tanks Safe during Pregnancy?

The answer to this question is always a BIG Yes. It is safe for you to use a float tank while you are pregnant. When you are using float tanks, you have to remember that you are floating in a solution of water and Epsom salt, which is made up of sulfate and magnesium. Universal Health Institute says that using float tanks in a water-filled with Epsom salt is one of the best ways of effectively supplying your body with the amount of magnesium you need. Calcium-magnesium supplement is a known remedy for pregnancy problems. Also, in hospitals, they provide IV Magnesium-Sulfate to avoid labor on a preterm basis.

These are some of the benefits you will experience when using float tanks when you are pregnant: Using float tanks decreases the amount of swelling. The float tanks can relieve you off with the pressure from your joints, which is a really good sensation when you are pregnant. That decrease in pressure also helps to lower edema, and swelling will be prevented. Another known treatment to decrease swelling is to ingest supplements of magnesium. In this way, float therapy is the best way to receive both positive effects at the same time. Using float tanks lowers your blood pressure.

Blood pressure is usually associated with stress levels, so having that deep, peaceful state of mind achieved in your float therapy can help to minimize it. With this regard, when your body achieves the relief from the pressure of the gravity, your blood vessels dilate in full size, decreasing pressure in blood and increasing the flow of blood. The use of float tanks reduces stress. Our habit of always in a hurry leave tiny space and time for our self-care. It is very stressful. This applies to every human on this planet, but most especially with pregnant mothers. It really pays off to have an environment of quiet and peace for even just for a couple of minutes.

Using float tanks can let you forget all your body pains and aches in that tank of a cozy and quiet environment. Since there are zero factors to trigger your senses and to process absolutely nothing except to relax, your body must exert very minimal energy, and everything happens gradually. There is zero awareness of time, and you will effortlessly meditate. Using float tanks gives emphasis on your bonding with your baby. With the use of float tanks, it involves you being in a womb-like environment. When lights are turned off, let your body and mind slowly fade into a relaxed state. In this state, you can hear your own heartbeat with your baby’s heartbeat. While you listen to those sounds, it’s a wonderful feeling to visualize your baby inside your uterus with you inside a float tank with its calm environment, to let you feel your special and deep connection with your baby.

In summary, the use of float tanks while in pregnancy lets you feel relieved of the added weight from pregnancy by leaving the feeling of the strain off your body, spine, and feet to the buoyancy of the saltwater solution resulted from Epsom salts. It gives you a good amount of sleep, a great sense of well-being and helps to relieve all the pains and aches that normally comes with being pregnant. For most mothers, the environment inside the float tank allows your body and mind with a pitch of sensitivity and connection with your baby. Some pregnant women have also said a great feeling of “mirroring” from using float tanks. These mothers describe it as if it feels safe inside the tank, and the baby also is safe inside her womb.

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