Are Float Tanks Scary?

Float tanks can be scary for some people the first time. Float tanks might scare you your first time because we are always afraid to try something new. Knowing the idea that float tanks are going to enclose you in 60 to 90 minutes can be really nerve-cracking because you will always think of the idea that you may not get out alive from that float tank. You may also imagine yourself drowning in there, or suffocating, even go crazy inside those 60 to 90 minutes. You cannot blame your mind if sometimes it gives you those thoughts that are sometimes irrational. It might have been from experiencing a lot that led you to have traumas in trying something new, but you cannot deny the fact that being afraid exists inside us. Having fear is the absence of knowledge, and it is always associated with negative feelings and behaviors. You are afraid to do it because you do not know anything about it. Yes, you might have read it in a lot of articles online or heard from your friends, but the real deal is for you to really experience the use of float tanks.

So yes, float tanks can be really scary. Also, being scared is also associated with a lack of trust. If you do not trust in a particular outcome, then you will always be scared to do it. Float tanks can be scary in a number of ways. First, you have to deal with building a trust with the people working around your float tank and also to trust that the float tank in which you are going to be half-submerged later will let you live. You have to build familiarity first to all the instructions and buttons to push that will help you with your session inside the float tank. This in return can give us the initial feeling of being scared. Second is the overthinking process. You might ask yourself the question “What if something bad happens to me here while I am inside?”

You might think of someone going to do a crime to you because, first of all, you are naked, unarmed, and in a point where the external world is not existing for you. This might also be the case for you to get scared. Third, you might also think that you are might miss something very important in the real world once you are floating in the float tank. You might forget that you have a deadline today, or you are going to be the spokesperson of the country. All of these will eventually have the thought of being scared when using float tanks, but there is also a saying that goes “There’s no hurt in trying.” Once you are guided by all the instructions and people around you that you have established a good connection with, you will simply have to trust them and yourself that “you can do it” in one way or another. This session in a float tank does not even require you to exert any effort… not even in floating because the salt-water solution will provide it for you. You just have to “float” and release all your worries away. In that way, you have overcome the feeling of being scared when using the float tanks.

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