Athletes who Use Float Tanks

A British long jumper named Jade Johnson shared her experience with the use of float tanks for enhancing performance. She stated that the used float tanks three times in a week when she first started her sessions. She added that it is very beneficial that she had appointed two sessions before competing in the 2008 European Cup in Annecy, France. She happily announced that her personal best in long-distance jumping got her to 6.81m. This astounding result made her qualify for the Beijing Olympics. She further said that she frequently had massage therapy and physiotherapy to help heal her injuries from her competitions, but she emphasized that the use of float tanks is different.

She describes the feeling of being half-submerged in a float tank. When she floats, she feels a big amount of pressure lifting from her back, and when she competes, she undeniably feels calm, and her body and mind are in sync. She recommends that everyone deserves to feel what she felt using a float tank because she believes they have been missing it their whole lives. Adam Adshead is a jiu-jitsu martial artist originating in Manchester. He describes what he felt inside the flotation tank. He said that it absolutely felt like he was being separated from his body, and he can look down on himself in a surreal experience. He says that it floating is not scary, but it feels like his mind is slowly fading into a deep state of meditation.

He further elaborates that it sounded extreme in a subtle way because it only has ever happened to him in 50 or so floats in the flotation tank. He explains that he uses the flotation tanks to help him visualize in advance his upcoming competitions. He had been spending his time every week “floating” in the flotation tanks for the 18 months. He further explains that without any distractions in his head, it allows him to focus more easily on his competition.

He continues to share that numerous sports psychologists nowadays are embracing the concept of utilizing the flotation tanks in a path of helping sportspeople envision their performances. Seattle Seahawks sports psychologist Mike Gervais uses a float tank to meditate and help the players give their performance to the fullest. He leads the meditation session and gives instructions to the players to record their voices using their audio recorder in mobile phones and tells them to close their eyes. He then starts to tell them, “quiet your minds” “see that you are all successful” and “concentrate all of your attention to your goal.”

When the players realized the benefits of using float tanks, they personally go now to float centers around their locality. The use of float tanks became a regular activity for training in the teams competing for the Super Bowl 2015 and is being mandated to professional training activities around the planet for its unique ability to enhance both the physical and mental performance of the players. Athletes like Joe Rogan and Pat Healy are teams from Olympians and in the 2015 Super Bowl.

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