Can Float Tanks Help Anxiety?

Float tanks are found in float centers that allow you to just “float” in a water-saturated with Epsom salts that let you effortlessly float. These float tanks are in a room that is with controlled temperature without sound produced and is totally pitch dark that also induces the sensory inputs of our eyes, ears, skin, mouth, and nose. Through using this float tank, your mind is cast away from the challenges of the world into a state of deep relaxation and meditation. Anxiety is a feeling that comes from the physical, emotional and psychological symptoms. According to Mayo Clinic, some of the symptoms include increased heart rate, shortness of breath, sleeping problems, irrational fears, shaking, sweating, and feeling fatigued immediately. These symptoms of anxiety can now be treatable with the use of float tanks. This is proven by researches conducted about the use of float tanks that aid in elevated relaxation and reduced stress levels in people with anxiety.

This research was participated by 50 people with many anxiety symptoms stated above and also included generalized anxiety, panic, social anxiety and stress that came from a post-traumatic event. It also includes 35 participants that do not exhibit anxiety symptoms. After being exposed to their first time in float tanks, 47 out of 50 participants feel that using a float tank can be effective in decreasing anxiety levels, and all participants requested to have another session again. Therefore, the research was concluded with the use of float tanks for the first time was very effective in enhancing the mood of the individuals and decreasing their anxiety, suggesting that it can be an effective remedy for having anxiety. This is why float tanks can really help to conquer anxiety in the individuals exhibiting it. Float tanks are filled with 1000 pounds of Epsom salts that are comprised of Magnesium and Sulfate. These Epsom salts are in the dimension of 10 inches of every volume of the water. This is why using float tanks are very effective in people who exhibit anxiety symptoms and disorders.

They are treated with a great amount of Magnesium from the water solution that is one of the essential foods for the brain in terms of our nerve cells and neurons. Anxiety symptoms and disorders are from the mental cognition, which is solved by the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients through its pores and travel to the blood and bloodstream circulating throughout the entire body and the brain. The Magnesium acts as an electric conductor of the brain that boosts the mental functioning in the aspect of emotions and decision making. Sometimes you get anxiety because of the traumatic experiences that happened to you, like being bullied or being called to recite in front of the class but not knowing a single lesson about that topic. This anxiety makes you feel fear of every judgment or whatever you do should be perfect for the society, which is not true. If not treated, anxiety can lead to depression.

When you are continuously exposed to the use of float tanks, not only will your anxiety and depression be relieved and treated but you will always feel happy and positive about life. You only live once, so you deserve to be genuinely happy most of your lifetime. If you are just focusing on impressing the world, then you lose the art of expressing to create a better life for the world. So in order for you to make the change, you should be changed first. This is how float tanks can constantly give you the feeling of hope and determination not just to live but to be focused on changing this world for the best.

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