Can Float Tanks Make You Nauseous?

Float tanks are filled with water and salt solution that gives wonderful effects to the users. But some of the people who try it can exhibit a temporary feeling of motion sickness or being nauseous, which can hinder the relaxation state of the user and its overall benefits. This is because being nauseous does not only happen when you ride a rollercoaster or something that is so fast and moves in a zigzag motion, but also when your vision is affected. For example, you are feeling nauseous when you are watching a documentary or video that is not so still like the camera is moving with the first character of the movie.

Being nauseous in movement and in visual aspects can be both triggered when being afloat in the float tanks, mostly when your head is floating in the water, and you move with the water when you slightly move too. It distorts your brain and ear’s signal that is saying you are absolutely still from your vision, but your body is moving within tiny vibrations of the water. This leads to feeling nauseous. Another is when you feel a gut in your stomach when you’re in extreme anxiety or fearful circumstances. This feeling comes from the cranial nerves, specifically the vague nerves that are communicating straightly to and from your brain and organs, like the intestines and the stomachs. This is often stimulated by the production of cortisol originating from the adrenal gland that exhibits symptoms of headache, increased heart rate, fatigue, and nausea. Having no gravity in warm water can build an ironic effect where your body achieves the state of being relaxed that it results in a turning inward of the mind and temporarily zooming in your thoughts and sensations, like being anxious if stressed.

This phenomenon is rare, but this is also considered a form of getting nausea and witnessed in traumatic brain injuries or concussions, locating the stimulus in the visual and aural aspects like the post-float and forms of vibration in the filtration system or alight with the color blue will trigger nausea. Another reason for having nausea in the float tank is when it dehydrates you, especially during the summer season. Floating in a float tank triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, the “flight or fight” tendencies, or the “digest and rest” moments. This is why you can hear some gurgle sounds from your stomach and why some get hungry after the session, and the reason that some are nauseous when they are feeling hunger. Feeling nauseous can also happen when you overstuffed your stomach with food, and you decided to take a float in the float tank. Another reason for being nauseous inside the float tank is an environmental factor. The float tank’s temperature is between 93.5 degrees to 95 degrees, which should be regularly observed. There should be a good amount of air that is circulating from the outside of the float tank so that you will not suffocate.

There are circumstances that the air and water temperature builds a big amount of humid pressure in the float tank that results in you feeling nauseous. This is a usual reason for having nausea, but the anxiety results from these sensations and greatly zoom in bodily reactions.

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