How much Salt is in a Floatation Tank?

With the use of floatation tanks, you can achieve the act of “floating” by putting in a concentrated amount of Epsom salts in the water. This Epsom salt is all Magnesium salt. Like the effect of floating on the Dead Sea, the Magnesium or Epsom salts increase the buoyancy and density of the water inside the floatation tanks. Float tanks usually contain 1000 liters of water as their volume. It will also have a solvent of Epsom salts that are rich in Sulfate and Magnesium with a mass of 550 kg. The result would be an increase of a specific gravity of about 1.27 from the addition of Epsom salts. This change of density is the outcome of increased buoyancy to the water and will let the user of the floatation tank not just to float but easily float. The user can even float even if he or she does not know how to “float” in the normal density of water.

The Epsom salts are the main reason that float tank users can eventually float, but it also has many more benefits. Knowledge of the ancient inscribes that Epsom salts are very effective in curing all of the diseases found in humans and with added benefits to the user like soothing pains and aches and relief from stress. Epsom salt is also called Magnesium Sulfate. Epsom salts are chemical compounds made up of oxygen, magnesium, and sulfur. Its name originated from Surrey, England, for it was primarily discovered there. Its appearance is very similar to table salt, hence the “salt” in its name, but they are both different. It is also dissolved to form “bath salts.”

Epsom salt tastes a bit bitter, and it is unpalatable, unlike table salt. However, some people do not mind the taste and prefer to consume Epsom salts by putting it in water and drink it. When these Epsom salts are dissolved in water, they release Sulfate and Magnesium ions. These ions are absorbed by your skin through bath salts, which supply your body with magnesium and sulfates that are essential in physiological and cellular functions. It can also be taken as a supplement (magnesium in liquid form), laxative, or applied as cosmetics on your skin. For centuries, Epsom salt has been continually used to treat diseases and discomfort, such as fibromyalgia, constipation, and insomnia. These Epsom salts are Magnesium- enriched. This element is the second most abundant found in the bodies of humans and the essence of wellness in health and well-being.

While you are floating inside the floatation tanks, the solution of Epsom salts and water helps to clear your lymph from any bacteria and enhances the absorption of Magnesium in the body. On the contrary, half of the United States population does not meet their dietary magnesium needed by our bodies. This is even from the US recommended intake of magnesium to prosper with the body. Today, the diet cycle and agricultural production have drastically decreased the amount of magnesium that is supposed to be needed by our bodies in our daily lives. Instead, it has gravely increased the levels of consumption of salt, fat, and sugar that establishes a rapid depletion of Magnesium in the body.

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