What Happens in a Flotation Tank?

If you are planning to experience the feeling of being in a flotation tank, you would first have to take off your clothes before entering the flotation tank. Once you are inside a flotation tank, you will begin to experience that your sense of sight sound and touch will be cut off from the real world because it is lightless, and it is soundproof. You will also be devoid of gravity because you will begin to “float.” You will float on your back, and your head will be partly submerged. You can wear your earplugs, too. You should not touch or reach the roof, floor, or walks of the flotation tank when you are fully “floating.” The flotation tank is greatly concentrated with Epsom salt water (a solution of Epsom salts and water) that was given off heat until it reaches the temperature of the skin. It is gravely buoyant, which will make for easier floating on your part. You will simply relax and “float” inside the pod and drift in a peaceful state that soothes your body and mind. That is why flotation tanks are likewise known as “isolation tanks” or “sensory deprivation tanks.”

A usual session for the use of flotation tanks is about 60 minutes or an hour to 90 minutes. Expect that you will feel like you are out of rest with your first float in the tank. This will happen until your mind and body are adjusted to the “sensory deprivation.” There are floatation tank facilities that have waterproof speakers to guide you with meditating and help you with calming in your first time. For therapeutic reasons, floating in seawater or saltwater is not a new tactic for relaxation. In fact, the Dead Sea is the most popular place where you can feel through “floating” of what you are also feeling in flotation tanks.

John C. Lilly, MD, a Psychoanalyst, and Neuroscientist, made a research on the astounding effects of deprivation of senses through flotation on addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety disorders. From the wonderful benefits that he had discovered through the people with the conditions stated above, he made the team with his business partners Lee and Glenn Perry to create a commercial floating tank that is accessible to everyone. In the year 70s, there were issues regarding the cleanliness of the water that primarily stopped the growth of the industry.

Nevertheless, the science behind “floating” -which is the drifting of the brain from the body- has been continuously studied by the academic community. 15 years ago, a company in the United Kingdom called “ISOPOD” hired a group of engineers to solve the uprising concerns on clean water. Bringing up the latest water-filtration system, these engineers created a system that removes 15 times smaller particles compared to a commercially-produced filtration unit. With this regard, many small facilities for floating arise in Toronto, England, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland, and huge studios from Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco. As long as you are living or having a tour in these metropolitan areas, you can experience the relaxation that you’ve been dreaming since you got beat up for work, school, or responsibilities in the family.

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