What is a Float Tank Like?

A Float tank is like what you feel when you are home from the tiring demands of school and work; you come home getting yourself rested up to the comforts of your soft bed and smooth blanket to relieve those sore muscles and exhausted mind from the day. A float tank is like the hug you just received from a loved one that you haven’t seen in years. A float tank is like the satisfaction of your cravings when you eat fries, pizza, and ice cream to relieve all your stresses away and to celebrate another finished day. A float tank is like the kiss on the cheeks of your mother and father when you are about to go to school, or when you are home for the holidays.

A float tank is like getting your first salary from your work that is also your passion. In short, a float tank is a tank or a pod of warm, water-filled solutions to make you feel home, comfortable, satisfied, relaxed and happy. The float tank’s water-filled solution is composed of Epsom salts. These Epsom salts have Magnesium in their compounds that is vital for human health. This is the main reason why we have stable mindset and a healthy physical body, but if this element is compromised inside our system, all our brainwork and organs will not function very well.

Water is the universal solvent that is essential for living organisms especially humans live. Without just even 1% of water, we could not stand up from our bed and make our day-to-day living. So, this is how water and Magnesium are powerful factors for our health and well-being. Float tanks are a known place for the metropolitan countries, and they have been around since late 1900, so this would be enough fact to use a float tank. Float tanks are not like your typical swimming pool where you can barely float and the ocean water which is just 3% of salinity. The float tank filled with its salt-water solution is 41% salinity, which is even more than thrice the salinity of the ocean water. This is the explanation why you can float so easily in a float tank.

Float tank is like an air-filled swimming pool, only much better for it has a lid, it is much solid, and it has anti-sensing properties that make it worthwhile to use. The float tank’s water is even clean and safe. It has very sophisticated process on how it is cleaned. For every person that will use it, they have filtering devices and ultraviolet light to filter and burn every bacteria and organic matter for the use of another person. That is why it is not just made at home. In other words, you cannot build your own float tank at home because of how it is made and the supplies to be used for it to function properly, and for it to have benefits on you ultimately is needed to be assured by professionals in the float tank making.

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