What is a Floatation Tank used for?

A flotation tank, sensory deprivation tank, or isolation tank is said to be used for restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST). It is a tank that is dark and equipped with soundproofing. It is usually filled with saltwater to at least a foot of a measurement. People who use flotation tanks are normally floating in warm water in a given amount of time (estimated in hours). Flotation tanks have been a source of great interest in a vast of hippy communities and this modern-day age for years to decades. Flotation tanks can be used in a wide variety of purposes involving the neurological aspect of humans. The act of floating, or the REST, is very useful in not only relieving but treating anxiety-related symptoms and managing stress like post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many people who have heard of this floatation tank and its benefits are taking much interest in the various allegedly health benefits enumerated on the internet like the float center websites and the spa. Some people associate the use of flotation tanks to provide ease to some painful inflammatory conditions like having a fibromyalgia. Some people also believe that using floating tanks regularly can brighten up their mood, enlighten their creativeness, and enhance their problem-solving activities. The creativity produced from the flotation tank can be initiated primarily by hallucination and followed by better creativity performance. This is supported by a published article in the European Journal of Integrative Medicine in 2014. In addition, it was found out that the use of flotation tanks does increase imagination, originality, and intuition that eventually leads to creativity.

Subsequently, a handful of studies have been made to the use of floatation tanks. These studies suggest that the long duration spent on the floating from the flotation tank gives potential benefits to people that are healthy. These benefits include: better sleep, muscle relaxation, decreased anxiety, decreased stress, and decrease pain. A study in 2018 from Trusted Service has confirmed the effective benefit of flotation tank to anxiety. With one-hour session of using the flotation tank, there was notable reduction of anxiety and great improvement of mood from the 50 participants with anxiety and stress-related disorders. Another study in 2016 conducted in 46 people that were diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) found that with the use of flotation tanks, it decreased the GAD symptoms like irritability, depression, fatigue, and sleep difficulties. To support the use of flotation tanks to relieve pain, it has been verified by many studies. It is proven to be effective in relieving and treating muscle tension, pain, and tension headaches.

The use of flotation tanks also enhances focus and concentration. Studies have proven that using flotation tanks improves cognitive function like focus and concentration, and also leads to precise and clear thinking. This evidence has been linked to enhancing learning capability and performance in schools and various career groups. The use of flotation tanks also helps to enhance athletic performance. It has been documented from a study conducted in 24 college students that the use of flotation tanks has sped up their recovery from doing strenuous exercise by decreasing the level of lactate in their blood.

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