Why Are Float Tanks Good for You?

Float tanks are good for you in many ways:

  1. Using float tanks improves your sleep quality. If you have insomnia or other sleep-related problems, it can have bad effects on your way of living. Having a good sleep on a daily basis helps to assure that your brain will function at its maximum level. This will let you make clear decisions, solve your problems, be more stable in your emotional aspect, and enhance concentration, and so on. Using float tanks increases your resistance to infections and various illnesses like cardiovascular-related diseases. It also gives a refresh to your senses, allowing your body and mind to sleep soundly and be much more energetic the next day.
  2. Using float tanks can relieve your stress and its related disorders. Float tanks are great in providing a deep peace within yourself and a much-sought relaxation. Some people who use float tanks also describes that the colors they see are brighter, and add more detail to what you see in your usual environment. To support this claim, the Journal of Complimentary & Behavioral Medicine published a Swedish study in 2014 that suggests its effectiveness in decreasing the response of the body to stress, which gives off deeper relaxation.
  3. Using float tanks decreases your anxiety. In the United States, one in five adults suffers from a kind of anxiety illness, like general anxiety disorder (GAD). It occurs in a widespread area, and it is one of the most difficult to treat when it comes to health problems. Studies from the Karstad University in Sweden have tested the effects of the use of float tanks to people with anxiety disorder. The results come with the symptoms changing for the better with only 12 sessions of using the float tanks for four months. The one-third of those people have been fully recovered from their symptoms, and most participants felt a change from emotional regulation, problems in sleeping and experiencing depression.
  4. Using float tanks feeds your body with the Magnesium. Based on the World Health Organization, three-quarters of adults do not supply their bodies with a sufficient amount of magnesium in their daily diet. It is a mineral that is responsible for almost every process in the body. In addition, a lake of magnesium is linked to many positive health effects like diabetes, migraine, and heart-related diseases. It is essential to growing your bones and affects athletic performance, which is the reason why more athletes use the float tanks weeks before a competition. The body absorbs the magnesium from the Epsom salts in the water solution that helps to facilitate the removal of lactic acid from worn-out muscles, which allows them to heal from an intensive activity faster.
  5. Using float tanks can help you overcome your addiction. A study from REST Research Lab in the early 1990s concentrated on assessing how the use of float tanks can be effective in overcoming addiction. They have results of effectiveness in improving addictive behaviors. Participants who are addicted to alcohol and drugs exhibited improvements associated with a reset to mental and physical effects related to stress or redirecting the mind. The researchers had findings that those people who participated to using of float tanks help to overcome their addiction by inducing relief from a non-chemical way, providing a response to overall relaxation and help them to concentrate deeply on finding a solution to their own problems and destroying habits by eliminating the objects or circumstances that can trigger their response with simultaneously enhanced in control over their addiction.

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