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Why A Float Therapy Float Pod?

… because this Float Tank is amazing!

A sensory deprivation tank that exceeds all expectations.

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What Questions Are People Asking?

How Many Float Tanks Should I Buy?

This is a great question and can be answered a few different ways, as there are many factors to consider.

I’m starting a new float center.

If you are starting a new float center we recommend going with no less than 4 units. Depending on the size of your space, having 2 float pods and 2 float rooms would be ideal, but having all float pods or all float rooms are both great choices as well.

The reason we recommend purchasing at least 4 float pods or float rooms is because it economically makes the most sense. We have assisted hundreds of people in their purchases and over the years, the businesses who survive typically have 4 or more units.

Many people say they’ll start with one or two, then add more over time. This can work if you have an already established business and find a float pod for sale you like, to add some extra revenue. However, if floating is your primary modality, then having one or two units can barely pay the bills.

Even though in theory you can make over $10,000 a month per float tank, the reality is most people float on the weekends and during the week your float pods will only be around 20% capacity. So having four units and filling your float center on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will make the most profits.

If you only have one or two float tanks, then you’ll have a difficult time being able to afford an employee. You’ll be doing most, if not all of the work yourself and it’ll be difficult to add a third or fourth float tank down the road.

I’m adding on to my float center.

If you already have a float center up and running and want to buy more sensory deprivation tanks, you probably have a good idea of what will work.

If you only have one, two or three float pods or float rooms in your current location, we recommend expanding to a minimal of four to a max of seven. The sweet spot seems to be six. Having six tanks allows you to make enough money on the weekends to hire a manager and part time staff to run your float center. Many times the float center owner is the manager, but if you prefer not to be on site 70 hours a week, having six float pods can give you some more freedom.

I’m adding a float tank to my wellness center or similar business.

If you already have an established business, adding any amount of float tanks can be beneficial, obviously cost and space are your biggest factors. If you have the room to buy at least two float pods or float suites would be our recommendation.

What’s great about adding a float tank is you probably already have enough staff to support and maintain them. So adding a new modality that does not require extra employees is a great addition to your wellness center, chiropractic office, yoga studio, etc.

Adding one unit is a good option depending on your budget and available space. However, having two float tanks would be a better option. Many people like to come together to float, which you could accommodate with two float pods, and it’ll give you an opportunity to make more money on the weekends when the pods are at their highest capacity.

What Are the Hidden Costs of Buying a Float Tank?

According to an industry report that surveyed over 200 float centers, when considering the total price to build out a float center, on average a single float tank costs between $80,000 and $113,000.

How could it be this much?

The costs come from a variety of places:

Shipping the float pods

Depending on number of pods you purchase, the quality of the shipping courier and location of your center, relative to the location of the manufacture, along with the time of year, all influence the price of shipping.

Shipping Cost: $700 to $1200 in the lower 48 states.

Getting the pods off the truck and inside

Once the float tank arrives at your location, you’ll need to get a moving company or inside delivery service and more than likely a forklift and forklift driver to get the float pods off of the truck. Trying to coordinate your shipping arrival with the moving company and forklift/forklift driver can be a difficult task.

Inside Delivery – Moving Company Cost: $300 – $1000
Forklift & Driver Cost: $300 – $500

Electrical Work

Every pod will require a 220V outlet to be run to the room. Also depending on the particular float pod you purchase, it can require many low voltage wires and Ethernet cables.

Electrical Costs: $2000 – $5000 per float tank (including parts & labor)

Plumbing Work

Most of the float tanks on the market have external equipment that is either in the same room or a different room from the float tank. Plumbing will be required to get your units up and running.

Plumbing Cost: $1000 – $3000 per float tank (including parts & labor)

Installation / Setup / Training

You have your new float tanks delivered, moved into the location, electrical and plumbing hooked up and now you need to set it up and learn how to use it. Many float pod manufactures need to be on site to finish the final installation and provide training to you.

Installation / Setup / Training Cost: $1000 – $2000 per float tank.

Total Extra Costs: $5300 – $12,700 per float tank

The rest of the costs are for things like, showers, tile, drains and overall build out for the room.

As you can see, things get expensive very fast.

Read the next section to see how Float Therapy saves you money on these high ticket items.

How Much Does a Float Therapy Float Pod Cost?

Click Here for pricing information.

Why Do You Make Me Fill Out A Form?

We understand people don’t like giving out their information. We look at it like this. If you’re seriously interested in buying a product as expensive as this, which requires so much planning and communication, then giving us your name and email should be an easy decision.

Great now how do we SAVE you money?

In the previous drop down we discussed the hidden fees associated with float tanks.

The Aurora Float Pod will save you money in following ways:

  1. Shipping is FREE in lower 48 states ($700 – $1200 savings)
  2. The Aurora Float Pod is self install-able, you can do it yourself. ($600 – $1500 savings)
  3. Requires [email protected] Outlet and Ethernet jack only ($1000 – $4000 savings)
  4. No plumbing required! ($1000 – $3000 savings)
  5. Installation / Setup / Training is done remotely ($1000 – $3000 savings)

Total Savings: $4,300 – $11,700 per pod!

That’s an amazing amount of savings. Also keep in mind the time savings. No need to hire a moving company, no need to schedule and arrange an install, no need to source an inside delivery company or forklift and forklift driver, you don’t have to find and hire a plumber. This removes a large burden from your opening checklist. Time is money as well.

What Size Room do I Need For the Float Pod or Float Suite?

The Aurora Float Pod requires a room no less than 10 feet by 12 feet.
The Orion Float Suite requires a room no less than 15 fee by 12 feet.
Also keep in mind where the door is located, how tall the door opening is, how wide the hallways are and how the pod will enter the building.

How Do Your Float Systems Stay Clean?

Both the Aurora Float Pod and Orion Float Suite have the same equipment.
The water is circulated 5x per half hour using an patent pending over flow system. Our float systems are the only ones in the world to create a water over flow to successfully skim the top of the water. Ask around to float owners to see how big of a nuisance it is to manually skim your pods after every float. Our system solves for that. The overflow skimmer skims into a 20 micron bag filter to catch the heavy sediments and ear plugs that people leave behind. After that the water is sucked up from the reservoir into a true 1 micron bag filter. A 1 micron bag filter catches even the smallest particles, bacteria and algae. From there the water travels up to a UV (ultraviolet light) and Ozone device where the water is further purified before returning to the tank. We also highly recommend using a heavy strength hydrogen peroxide at a 50-100 PPM (parts per million) residual in the tank for your oxidizer.

Our float systems are among the cleanest systems ever made.

Why Should I Buy From Float Therapy?

Hello, my name is Ryan Sieker and I am the Owner of Float Therapy LLC. Previously I was the President of Float Pod Technologies, one of the oldest and largest Float Pod Manufactures in the USA. During that time I sold hundreds of Float Pods to hundreds of customers, providing support, answering thousands of help desk tickets. I also received invaluable feedback from my customers on what improvements they would like to see, what problems they are having, what equipment fails the most and what features are most important to them.

Why is This Important to You?

I took all of this information with the help of a new float tank manufacturer and created the Aurora Float Pod and Orion Float Suite.

We redesigned these systems from the ground up, thinking through all the details. Our goal was to create a premier product for Float Centers, Wellness Centers and personal float pod owners. I wont go into all of the detail here, you can read more about the Aurora Float Pod here and the Orion Float Suite here.

Those thousands of hours on the phones and answering tickets did not go to waste.

If this will be your first experience with a float tank or float room, there are many questions you would NOT know to ask.

We’ve made our equipment incredibly durable, integrating thoughtful features to save you time and money that no other systems on the market offer.

Schedule a call with one of our Float Experts to learn more about our products and what questions you should be asking everyone else.

Do You Offer Financing?

Yes we do, schedule a call with one of our Float Experts and we will get you the information you need to see what you qualify for.

Intuitive, Easy to Use Software

Works On All Devices

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The Float Industry is Growing!

Float centers are popping up everywhere, and for good reason.

People love Flotation Therapy

People Love Floating

I Love Floating

Float Facts You’ll Love:

  • Hundreds of Float centers have opened in the last 5 years.
  • On average 90+ people float per month per float tank.
  • On average each float pod generates $42,000+ per year.
  • 76% of owners have 2 or more float tanks.
  • $65 is the average price for a 1 hour float.
  • 40% of Float centers operate with only 1-3 employees.
  • 29% of Float Pod owners added it to their existing business.

So… are you ready to be a Float Pod Owner?

Relax, we’ve guided many customers through this process.

Yoga Pose Shavasana

Speak to one of our Float Experts to get started.

What is Flotation Therapy?

The more a man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will
be his world and the world at large.” ~ Confucius

Everyday our senses are overloaded with inputs from the ever increasingly demanding environment of the modern world we live in.

Flotation Therapy, also known as isolation therapy or sensory deprivation therapy attempts to remove these environmental stimulants so your senses have a moment of freedom.

With all of the distractions taken away, all that’s left is you and your thoughts. This is when both the mental and physical benefits are accelerated.

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