Can You Do Float Therapy at Home?

Can you do a float therapy at home? The answer is No. One pod from where you do your float therapy is filled with Epsom salt with a mass of 1,000 pounds in a startling 10-inch body of water. The solution of salt and water is very dense that the user’s body that is half-submerged would float very easily like a piece of wood on seawater. Its buoyancy is so wonderful that even if you fall asleep, you’re still going to wake up afloat. In other words, you can sleep during your float therapy session, and you are still alive when you wake up, floating in that salty solution. The water is heated up to almost the natural temperature of your body.

This is also a crucial because you cannot tell the difference between the water, the space around you, and where your body is. For this reason, it would feel like you are floating with no weight, among the clouds. It’s like you became one with the entire pod. So, take note that to make an entire environment as nearly perfect as this cannot be precisely made at your home. You cannot replicate the exact conditions set on your float therapy session to your home. The float therapy that you are in is placed in a float pod. It had the right dimension for space built with less to none external distractions and undoubtedly will give you an experience of relaxation and rest like never before. The uplifting relaxation that you will find yourself in is from the result of decreased stimuli to your brain from a minimal to none signs of your senses of sound, sight, and touch.

Float therapy is popular for bringing its users effortlessly to a wave of theta production from their brain while being conscious. The float pod is the ideal surrounding for achieving the relaxation at a deep level and introspection of theta state with zero experience needed. High levels of theta wave produced from float therapy are linked to great benefits like boosting your immune processing, being in a well-being state, deep relaxation, higher levels of awareness, enhanced learning, creative imagination, and many more. The Epsom salt is the main ingredient that keeps you stable afloat. Float therapy in a float pod contains a mixture with 41% Epsom salt.

If we give a comparison to Epsom salt and the salinity of the ocean, the seawater would only be 3%, and the Dead Sea’s salt is 18%. You can see the big difference in the percentage of each seawater and salt solution. You can also distinguish that float therapy involves a great amount of salt content for you to enjoy its benefits not at home but at a floating studio. You can clearly see the difference now of why it is never advisable to use float therapy at home. The float therapy’s benefits are not even close to the float you do in the bath or at a freshwater pool.

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