Float Therapy for Greater Muscle Recovery

Constant movement every day may take its toll on your precious muscles. People that walk or are involved in heavy duty work tend to have soreness, strain, and muscle pain at the end of the day. This can be a burden as it can affect your efficiency and quality at work.

Though not only hardworking citizens experience these muscle adversities. Athletes who are in constant training their whole lives are also prone to these problems. Legs, thighs, back, or anywhere region in their body tends to feel muscle pain.

There have been methods that can promote and speed muscle recovery and remedy, but nothing can level the effect of float therapy. Every hardworking citizen and athlete should dive inside a float tank and experiences the soothing process of it.

Here is the reason why it is great for muscle recovery:

Heals Injuries

A great physical of the float therapy is it heals injuries. Injuries are major drawbacks of working ward and training. It can affect our work and condition in general. But with float therapy, you can kiss those injuries goodbye.

Float therapy increases the speed or improves the rate of injury and muscle recovery. The solution you are floating in contains magnesium sulfate that helps the process in the body to improve.

Also, you will not be exerting any effort in the float tank as it is gravity less. You are floating on top of water without exerting or using any muscles. Thus, both of these aids the process of muscle recovery.

Reduces Lactic Acid

Lactic acid is bad news for your muscles. Lactic acid is produced once muscles are used or moved. Its bad news as it contributes to muscle fatigue and soreness. But you can counter it with the use of float therapy.

Float therapy not only reduces the levels of lactic acid, but it also drives the brain to secrete the hormone endorphins. The endorphins, on the other hand, bring remedy and soothe every pain in the body.

Raises the Magnesium & Sulfates Level in the Body

Once you are afloat, your body will be absorbing the magnesium sulfate present in the water. Your levels of magnesium and sulfate will be increased. This is a good thing as your body needs these minerals to facilitate body healing.

Probably, float therapy is an effective way of accumulating more magnesium and sulfate. This will totally pave way to speedy recovery of muscles.

Muscle Pain and Strain

Float therapy encourages the brain to release endorphins to facilitate treatment and soothing effect on muscle pain and strain. Endorphins will also relieve the one performing the therapy of anxiety and stress.

Float therapy can relieve muscle tissues after a day’s work or training. There’s a reason why this therapeutic method is famously used by different athletes. It speeds their muscles recovery and enhances their performance.

You should definitely try this if you feel any pain or strain from your muscles. The therapy will help your muscles to recover and even enhance it for better performance at work and at sports.


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