The Floatation Experience

The use of flotation therapy in which you float in warm-water with lightless and soundless pods was started with a study by John C. Lilli, a controversial scientist. On the contrary, his interest in the psychedelic drug effect and communication of dolphins led some people to refuse to take his study. From Basingstoke, Gary Mossman is a 26 -year old tattoo artist who shared what he feels when he is using the flotation tank. He describes that he initially used these flotation tanks in exploring what he pertains to as the “theta-state.” Theta-state, as he further elaborates it, is a state of being in a sort of trance or the feeling of being drowsy.

As a tattoo artist, he wishes that his session in using the flotation tanks will help him be more artistic in the ideas of tattoo designs that he puts on his customers. He explains about making a “blank canvas” in mind for the reason that he can imagine a picture that is 100% genuine. He further discussed that it is like the feeling or the state when you are about to fall asleep; it gives you a wonderful imagination that all just appears inside your brain.

Tom Ireland describes the rise of flotation tanks in the United Kingdom due to high demand. He said that is has been an attraction of people’s interest in a wide population of new-age and hippy society from years to decades. He further describes that the sensation when using flotation tanks cannot be described by words. He emphasized that your mind detaches from your body, and there is nothing like any other of it in the world. Barbara Hastings-Asatourian, a retired lecturer, is from Derbyshire. She experienced advanced osteoarthritis and is only on the wait for surgery of her two hips. She shared her experienced “blissed out” from floating, and the act also reduced stiffness and pain. This evidently helped her mobility to be steady enough that she can still teach yoga. She shared that in 16 years, she has tried various quacks in hoping to find a miraculous cure from her osteoarthritis. She described her feeling when she gets out of the salt water for the first time. She felt like she was given a strong painkiller because she believed her endorphins were high. From that moment on, she is instantly relaxed in some of her sessions.

She explained that when her sense of hearing is cut off, she starts to experience vibrations of her whole body. She also saw patterns and shapes at one point. Adam Adshead is a jiu-jitsu martial artist originating in Manchester. He describes what he felt inside the flotation tank. He said that it absolutely felt like he was being separated from his body, and he can look down on himself in a surreal experience. He says that it floating is not scary, but it feels like his mind is slowly fading into a deep state of meditation. He further elaborates that it sounded extreme in a subtle way because it only has ever happened to him in 50 or so floats in the flotation tank. He explains that he uses the flotation tanks to help him visualize in advance his upcoming competitions. He had been spending his time every week “floating” in the flotation tanks for the 18 months. He further explains that without any distractions in his head, it allows him to focus more easily on his competition. He continues to share that many sports psychologists come embracing the idea of the use of flotation tanks in a path of helping sportspeople visualize their performance.

There was a controversial scientist named John C. Lilli. He invented the use of floatation tanks, wherein the swimmer must use warm-water when floating using the floatation tanks. By following this, you will experience lightlessness as well as the soundlessness of pods. He became controversial because of his study on how dolphins communicate as well as the so-called psychedelic drug effect. Because of this, some people find his way of studying a little weird, and as such, they refuse to consider his studies.

When asked about the feeling of using a floatation tank, you should answer it as a drowsy experience. This is called the “theta-state.” There are people who want to experience this kind of experience because this will make them more creative in their chosen field. For example, through the floatation experience, an artist will be more creative and artistic, a singer will be more inspired and write songs and sing happily, and so on.

People who use floatation tanks describe the experience as a speechless one. No words can describe the feeling because you will feel like you are being hypnotized, and your soul will be detached from your body. You will be able to relax your body and float like nothing else could ever make you experience it. One example of its good effect on one’s body is when it was used by a retired woman. Being a retired one, it is assumed that she is already old. When she used the floatation tank, she experienced relaxation and considered it as a miracle since her arthritis was cured.

It is true also with a girl who has osteoporosis at a very young age. Because of the floatation tank, she has experienced relief from the pain caused by her illness. Instantly, she experienced relaxation and relief. She then recommends it to everyone experiencing the same as she has been experiencing for a long period of time. It is true even to those whose sense of hearing is lost. With the use of a floatation tank, you will experience vibration towards your ears and your whole body. Somehow, your sense of hearing will slowly be restored.

A woman who is constantly experiencing anxiety has tried the floatation experience, and she somehow learned how to manage her anxiety because using it is related to meditating. It is as if you are meditating, and your mind will be put to a sense of relaxation, a deep relaxation rather. If anxiety is managed through the use of floatation tanks, it may also be true to depression, as well. These two are somehow related only that anxiety causes the person to worry about the future, and depression causes the person to worry about the past.

Through the use of floatation tanks, a person who is consistently sad for a period of 2 weeks will have a new outlook on life at the end of the floatation experience. It is also the same as the anxious person. Upon using the floatation tank, an anxious person will finally learn how to relax his or her mind, and let things happen without being worried about it.

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