Floatation Therapy and Pain

A sensory deprivation tank is also known as isolation or a flotation tank. The tank is a dark tank that has a less volume saltwater, which is used for a restricted environmental stimulation tank.

Process of the Floatation Therapy

Here are the procedures for our float therapy session:

Arrive at the Spa

When we arrive at the flotation spa, we need to remove our clothes and jewelry. Then, we will have a shower.

At the Tank

We will now enter the tank and close the door. Next, we need to carefully lie down to the water to ensure that there will be buoyancy.

Listen to the Music

We should close our eyes to listen for the relaxing music inside the tank. After one hour of floating, we need to get out of the tank to have a shower again and get dress.

Sensory Deprivation Tanks

The sensory deprivation tanks are designed to ensure that we will feel a good quality of life. It can ensure that we will have more benefits, such as feeling relax, improve our sleep, relieve our stress, and body pain.

The Use of Sensory Deprivation Tanks

The sensory deprivation tank is filled with heated water that is added by a substance that is called as Epsom salt. It can rest assured that our body will float to the water quickly.

  • Improve Concentration and Focus

When we undergo a therapy with the used of the sensory deprivation tank, it can help to make our brain to feel relax. It can reduce the release of the stress hormones that can result to make our brain to improve the retention into the positive aspect of life.

  • Treat Anxiety

A one-hour session to the sensory deprivation tank is useful to reduce our anxiety. It can ensure that we will have a peace of mind, heart, and soul. With this therapy, it can prevent our negative thoughts to get out of our comfort zone.

  • Relieve Pain

When we feel the tension headache that is caused by external factors, such as eye strain, alcohol, and fatigue, in this manner, it can lessen your productivity in our daily tasks. To cure our headache, we need to undergo a sensory deprivation tank treatment.

  • Improve our Cardiovascular Health

The flotation –rest therapy tank can ensure that we will have a deep relaxation state that can improve the circulation of our blood. It can effectively provide the nutrients and oxygen to ensure that we will have a healthy cardiovascular system.

  • Happiness

If we are the people who easily get affected by every challenge of our life that we face, it can make us experience a miserable life. It can let us always feel negative thoughts and emotions. We can undergo a session for the therapy to improve our mood so we can choose to be happy.


When the tank is closed, it will let us feel disconnected from the factor that makes us feel burned out. As we float through the water, our brains will be in a relaxed state.

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