What Essentials to Bring During Float Therapy

Have you ever experienced the magic of float therapy? Not yet?! You are missing half of your life if you haven’t tried this therapy yet. This procedure is designed to bring soothing feeling to both the mind and the body.

You should definitely try it! You should head down to your local spa offering this therapy. But wait, before you drive down to their establishments, you must first know the different things that you should bring for a float therapy.

Read on and discover the essential carry-on for float therapy:


This is a must-bring item for your float therapy schedule. If you desire your ears being free of water, then you should definitely bring this. Earplugs will prevent the water from entering your ear canal.

It can also be used to completely put the world into mute (although the water tank is already soundproof). Don’t forget to bring this, before you drive down the spa, go to a store or supermarket to buy these first.

There are establishments that have earplugs but bringing your own is great, you never know maybe their earplugs is damaged, at least you have a backup.

Hair Tie

If you have long hair, then you should not forget this. You don’t want the hair to get in your face, tie it, and don’t let it become a distraction to your peaceful healing process.

Personal Toiletries

You should always have in your bag your toiletries. This may include your soap, shampoo, conditioner, and anything regarding cleaning your body. This is important as you will be cleaning your body after the therapy. A clean towel should be included too.

You might also want to add in your toiletries your own brush. These are the essentials a girl must have to look fresh, clean, and beautiful after the therapy.

Other establishments will be providing you with these items, but then again, you should bring your own in case an emergency happens.


You will not be naked all day, of course, you need a change of clothes. You might want to double your clothing, you never know, it can always be messy in the shower room. The establishment will not provide you with clothes, so you have to bring your own. Make sure that the clothes you bring are fresh and clean though.


Well, you may bring anything you like in the establishment as long as you are following their guidelines. If it’s okay with them to bring food and beverages, then you should. An hour or more in the float tank can make your stomach growl.

Food, drinks, or anything you want to bring must always be consulted with the establishment. As a customer you should follow and respect their terms and policies of use.


Do you have those in your pack already? Then what’re you waiting for? Hit the spa already and enjoy the magical feeling of float therapy. Enjoy your floating!

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