What People Shouldn’t Use Float Therapy

Float therapy has come a long way. It has helped many lives to get out of adversities regarding health. Truly, this healing method has proven its worth, but it is not for everyone to use. There is a certain limitation where a certain medical technique can be effective for a chosen group only.

As to float therapy, it does not work for everybody effectively. There are conditions that this medical breakthrough may not solve and cover. For your awareness, stated below are the people who shouldn’t use the float therapy:

Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol

If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, then that gives you the greater reason not to use float therapy. Remember that when you use the float therapy there is a risk of drowning, being under the influence of alcohol and drugs increases that chances.

You have to let the alcohol and drugs out of your system first. You must first regain stability physically and mentally for this therapy. Taking alcohol nor drugs before therapy is not advisable.

People with Cold or Contagious Disease

It is not advisable for people with cold to undergo float therapy. It might greatly affect the process and take you out of your concentration. Also, cold and other infectious diseases can be contagious. There are chances that you can pass the infection to another person, rest, and schedule your float therapy another time when you are feeling better already.


It is also not recommended for people with epilepsy to use float therapy. You never know when a seizure might occur, and it may cause a problem to your experience. Besides, it can also increase the risk of drowning as you lose control of your bodily function during seizures. Even if you are taking medicines, it is still not advisable. As there are risks in doing so.

People with Extreme Psychological Conditions

It is rather safe to not people with psychological conditions to perform float therapy at all. An individual with psychological conditions tends to be unpredictable. They might do something to themselves while inside the tank or do something with the tank that might cause harm.

Individual with New Tattoos

If your tattoo is fresh and new, then you shouldn’t use the float therapy. Remember, float therapy makes use of saltwater. If your newly tattooed arms or in any part of your body is submerged in saltwater can cause you extreme pain.

Aside from that, the water can also affect the tattoo, causing it to lose color. In the meantime, you should let the wound and the tattoo stick to your skin first.

Open Wounds

The same concept with the tattoo. Wounds and saltwater are not the best combinations. It can cause you uncomfortable pain affecting the overall therapy. Let the wound heal and dry first before you undergo float therapy.

Truly, float therapy is one of the greatest breakthroughs in the medical field. But a system always has a flaw, for this therapy, it is not applicable for certain conditions, and it has its own limitations.

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