How to Add Alternative Health Services to Your Spa Treatment Menu

How to Add Alternative Health Services to Your Spa Treatment Menu

What do your spa and breakfast cereal have in common? They are both results of our relentless pursuit of health, wellness and longevity.

The film The Road to Wellville chronicles Dr. John Harvey Kellogg’s transition from director of the Battle Creek Hospital and Health Spa to cereal king. Though some of his treatments were a bit eccentric, Dr. Kellogg’s innovative regime of exercise, diet and relaxation foreshadowed the burgeoning trend of including health services in the spa.

As a spa owner, your clients trust and rely upon you to help them look and feel their best. This relationship makes your spa ideally poised to become a beauty and wellness center that helps clients achieve their best selves from the inside out.

Grow your spa profits by helping your clients make the correlation between health and appearance by supplementing your menu with integrative health and wellness services.

I. Spa Clients From the Inside Out

Though your spa may attract a wide range of clientele, they possess common traits that make them ideal wellness consumers. For instance, they are interested in living optimally, are results oriented and are determined to age well. As a result, they are educated and well-informed about anti-aging strategies and voraciously seek out knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

Your clients may already be giving you signs that they are looking to you for more than fillers and facials. For instance, a woman with acne asks if her diet could help reduce breakouts. Your aesthetician could refer her to your nutrition counselor – whereas another spa must direct the client elsewhere. Or, a massage client really wants preventative for his lower back and neck pain. A chiropractor or Alexander Technique practitioner on staff would be an ideal compliment for the massage therapy.

Offering adjunct health services not only allows you to capture more of your client’s health dollar, but also strengthens client relationships by anticipating and meeting their needs. Plus, because health and appearance are inextricably joined, clients will look and feel better longer – which they will attribute to you and the high quality of your treatments and thus, return again and again and refer friends and family.

II. Selecting Your Wellness Repertoire

Deciding upon wellness services can be overwhelming. You cannot read a magazine or pick up a newspaper without seeing a new anti-aging remedy or technique being touted.

Some of the most intriguing innovations are being made in diagnostics. For instance, Oprah recently devoted an entire show to the Toshiba 64 Slice, a scanner that reveals the physiological age of one’s heart and can indicate one’s risk for heart disease. This scan, coupled with lifestyle counseling, is a perfect example of how holistic services can be combined on your spa menu.

Before deciding upon a service, ensure it is safe, effective and can be performed correctly within your spa. Ask yourself, “Is this attractive to my clients?” For example, if your client base is mainly women in their 20’s – 30’s who are looking for preventative treatments, hormone replacement therapy would not be compatible. But, stress-reducing acupuncture will complement results from aesthetic treatments.

Be first to offer a service in your area. For example, being the only business offering psychodermatology will motivate new clients to make an appointment. Plus, it will attract brand building media attention.

Another consideration is whether your spa has the space needed in order to administer the chosen therapies.

Additionally, consider the profit margin, capital expenditures required and availability of certified or licensed practitioners.

Some popular wellness services include:

  • Float Tanks
  • Psychodermatology
  • Acupuncture
  • Rolfing
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Reiki or Energy Healing
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Biofeedback
  • Reflexology
  • Sleep Counseling
  • Body/Heart Scans
  • Chiropractic
  • Alexander Technique
  • Cryotherapy

Research potential new therapies online by ailments common to your spa’s clientele or the words “complementary medicine.”

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