Top 4 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Top 4 Natural Remedies for Anxiety

The hectic life which we are leading today has brought about a crisis of chronic anxiety. According to professionals , more than 50% of the population are affiliated with intermittent fits of devastating anxiety symptoms. Doctors endeavor to cure these medical conditions with medications. However , most of these anti-anxiety drugs will result in adverse complications as well as withdrawal symptoms. Luckily for us , there is another way to treat anxiety , and that is using natural remedies for anxiety. Natural remedies for anxiety can help to soothe the innate chaos and regain balance back to life.

Despite the fact that numerous experts argued against the belief that anxiety is being deemed as a “disorder”, most people concurs that handling a chronic anxiety predicament can greatly lowers our capability to perform efficiently in the world . It can also have adverse effect on the body’s immune system

Some of of the most prevalent signs and symptoms of anxiety are irritability, constant worrying , insomnia, often overwhelmed with panic, teeth grinding, chest tightness , heart palpitations, short breathing and discomfort in the stomach. I would like to highlight in here that , there are just a few of the more prevalent signs and symptoms well of anxiety. There are easily thousands of signs and symptoms of anxiety . This is primarily because every person goes through anxiety in a distinct way.

The most popular method of treating anxiety problems in North America is the administration of medications. However, natural remedies for anxiety are proven to be much more productive and it is also better than conventional medications as natural remedies for anxiety do not lead to adverse effect on the body or bring about withdrawal symptoms. Below are some of the herbs and natural remedies for anxiety which are proven to be able to reduce , or in some circumstances , get rid of anxiety totally.


Passionflower is yet another promising herb being used to cure serious anxiety . A medically controlled comparative study was being made to compare the effectiveness of passion flower to Oxazepam in 36 persons exhibiting general anxiety symptoms. Even though the test outcome indicated that Oxezepam is more effective in alleviating anxiety faster , Passionflower was discovered to be similarly powerful over a time span of four weeks. Passionflower users also did not exhibit any adverse damaging side effects or any withdrawal signs and symptoms.


Kava – a natural herb which is being used as one of the natural remedies for anxiety , are being used for many years in Europe. This organic cure towards anxiety has been studied in numerous university sponsored tests in Europe , and the results of the studies demonstrates that it is indeed very productive in managing anxiety. But, due to the lately problems about how the Kava can affect the liver, the herb is now less frequently utilized in Europe. However, you can still find this herb in the United States which are usually given to anxiety patients in lower dosages.


Melatonin health supplements have been analyzed substantially for their innate capability to induce a good sleep. Melatonin has been the main topic of anxiety studies in the last few years. There was one study which demonstrated that melatonin is as powerful as anti-anxiety prescription drugs in alleviating stress pre-surgery stress in women. Minor research also exhibit identical results for both men and women.


Skullcap – a natural herb which is also one of the natural remedies for anxiety , has been traditionally used for many years. While little research is being conducted on its usefulness, one double-blind placebo controlled research demonstrated that skullcap is extremely powerful in decreasing anxiety levels.

Besides these herbs which I mentioned together with other type of natural remedies for anxiety , there are also other alternative approaches to treat anxiety such as aromatherapy , relaxation treatments , meditation , guided visualization , biofeedback as well as acupuncture . Sadly , a majority of these options to treat anxiety have not been studied in depth. Hence , it is an uphill task to evaluate precisely how efficient any specific treatment can be . Nonetheless, there are historical proof which shows that relaxation treatment as well as guided visualization and substantially enhance both chronic anxiety and panic attacks. These other options to treat anxiety may prove to be a promising treatment to anxiety , when blended with other natural remedies for anxiety.

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