How athletes are decreasing recovery time using Float Tanks

How athletes are decreasing recovery time using Float Tanks
Float Therapy & Muscle Recovery

Float therapy is increasingly being used by people to recover from pain or discomfort in the muscles. Initially, there were sections of people who generally believed that flotation therapy was just another recreational activity, with no apparent benefits to speak of. However, it’s becoming more and more evident that the whole process is designed to give your body the time and space to recuperate, recover, and rejuvenate. This is excellent news for people whose work, or routine involves a lot of physical activity or frequently experience strained muscles in different parts of your body. Some users compare the experience to be almost like going back to the ‘womb’ for safe and distraction-free recovery.

Professionals from a wide variety of occupations and professions are finding it ever more helpful to use float therapy as a means of rebooting the body and re-strengthening the muscles. Clients of flotation therapy include players from the NBA, Rugby, and athletes from different sports and disciplines. It’s not just athletes who are benefiting from these float tanks. You’ll also find people in business, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives making use of float rooms or purchasing float tanks for their personal use. The Float pods (or float tanks as some call it) are becoming cocoons where the body is rejuvenated to a whole new level.

However, to understand how exactly the float room helps you in muscle recovery, we need to understand the different components that make the whole thing work. Let’s take a look at how the various elements come together to form an experience that is surreal and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

The Float Pod

Aurora Float PodThe float pod/ float tank comes in varying degrees of size and shape. It may be a pod that measures about 8 to 9 feet in length, and maybe 4 to 6 feet across. There are also enclosures that are about as big as a small room or cabin (in this case, they’re called float cabins or float rooms). It is inside this pod or cabin where your body is suspended in water that has over a thousand pounds of salt to help your body float. The floating itself is effortless because you’ll find your body more buoyant than in regular water. To begin, you merely lean back, let your feet up, relax and let the whole experience take over.

Most people describe the whole feeling to be a combination of weightlessness, calmness, and peace, with zero distractions and interruptions. It’s almost a phase of ‘nothingness’ where your body can focus all of its energy into rest and recovery. This particular state in which your body gets to rest is at the core of the whole healing and rejuvenating experience.

Epsom Salt

Magnesium SulfateMagnesium Sulfate (better known as Epsom salt) forms the primary solvent in the water inside the pod/cabin. Epsom salt by itself is considered to have a host of healing capabilities, especially as bath salts. In the float pods, it makes the water so dense that your body effortlessly floats. This allows the body to experience a form of weightlessness, which is extremely relaxing and therapeutic for your muscles.


FloatingThis weightlessness is basically an environment where gravity is not pulling your body down. It allows every strand of muscle to be in a state of complete calmness. Since there is no strain on your body and muscular system, your blood flow is considerably increased. It’s like your strained muscles get a complete reboot, and the recovery is made much faster. The recovered condition is also much better than if you had just lied down on your bed to rest.

Manage pain

Muscle Recover and Pain ManagementStudies show that almost half of our population continue to struggle with one or the other type of pain and discomfort. It can hamper your work life as well as your daily activities, even when at home. It reduces your overall productivity, which can lead to a lower quality of life, both at home and professionally. Float therapy has been embraced by many, to be an exceptional solution for their muscle pains. If your trips to the gym usually leave you with the dreaded post-workout fatigue, The float pods may be your best bet. You’ll find that a lot of people like you head to the float pods/float cabins to enhance their recovery from an intense workout.


Many people struggle with the challenge of not getting enough rest amidst their hectic schedules. One of the most significant effects of a routine like that is that it prevents your muscles from adequately recovering. This happens because you have to continue working even if there isn’t enough rest. Flotation therapy gives you complete R.E.S.T., an acronym for ‘Reduced Environment Stimuli Therapy’. It minimizes the number of external agents that continuously make your body respond to different situations. This means that your body does not have to cater to other factors happening around you. Since your body is in a completely relaxed and safe state, it can focus all its energy into recovery. This state of assisted recovery is much more efficient and faster.

Sharpened mind

Mental FocusFloat tanks are well-known for providing its users with a state of minimized stimulation. It’s a state of sensory deprivation, where you can be left alone to your thoughts, or can even catch a quick nap. This enhanced state of mind has proved to be valuable to athletes who use the time to focus and sharpen their minds. It usually gives them a much better state of mind when they step out. This automatically translates to their physical state, and they find themselves performing much better and enduring much more.

The mind and the physique are inextricably linked, so much so that you cannot have a full recovery without your mind being in the right place. The floating rooms provide you with that environment, where your mind is at complete rest, free to relax or focus on what you want, without distractions and unnecessary interruptions. This ensures that your state of mind also forms a conducive environment for your body and muscles to recover speedily and seamlessly.



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